As a therapist I accompany people on their journey of self-understanding and change. I help to find a way to improve well-being and to cope with life difficulties, worries and needs. I work with the integrative relational model.
Integrative therapy; Every loss has a natural process which can affect us on every level; physical, cognitive, emotional, behaviour and spiritual. You can almost see every difficulty in life which you are confronted with as a loss, like for example changes at work/living area/home/school, a divorce, stages of life, difficult relationships, death of a loved one, expected loss, personal ability and capacity, symbolical and more.
Working from an integrative approach, may transform your health and well-being, it can benefit your relationships, make you more understanding & loving and it can help you to become more awake as a person in your day-to-day life.
Talking about the happening and expression of emotions is necessary for working through your process of loss, but it is not the only one. That’s why I work within an integrative approach to facilitate a healthy process of growth. Always keeping in mind the importance of the relationship therapist-client, the relational model, which can make a repair and transformation in itself also possible.
My work consists of counselling, body psychotherapy, self expression and art, mindfulness, meditation and healing. I also use energetic treatments to relieve stress, recharge batteries and release tensions. All under supervision on a regular base.


Sometimes as a parent it is difficult to understand and stay in touch with your child. As a coach for children I accompany a child to get more confidence with their daily difficulties. Always in close contact with the parents/guardian.
 My work consists of coaching for children, self expression and art, mindfulness, meditation and healing. All under supervision on a regular base.
” It’s my passion to help people make a change from within, from a holistic point of view, to increase emotional self awareness and improve well-being”.
 I work from the centre of Barcelona and Vallvidrera, but online sessions are also possible (in English, Dutch and Spanish). After the first meeting, the intake, we will discuss how we will continue, what kind of therapy, the number of sessions and the fee, which depends on the kind of therapy and income.


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