• IPIR institute/Universitat de Barcelona:
    – Master: Expert in Grief (2019-2020).
    – Counselling in grief, bereavement and trauma Level 1&2 accomplished, Alba Payas (2017-2019).
  • Cuatro Ciclos de crecimiento, Healing according to the Barbara Brennan method, body psychotherapy and spirituality, basic and intermediate level accomplished, teached by Enrique Arellano (2015-2017, Spain).
  • Chrysalis Counselling, certificated by the National Counselling Society in the UK (2017, UK).
  • Cultivating Emotional Balance, mindfulness and meditation by Enrique Arellano (2017, Spain)
  • Usui system of Reiki healing level 1, Enrique Arellano (2016, Spain).
  • Esmindfulness, mindfulness for children (Spain, 2016).
  • School of Life, Life therapist (2014-2015, The Netherlands).
  • DSM 4 and 5, Wilma Bakker (2014, The Netherlands).
  • Coaching for children certificated by VBAG and BATC in The Netherlands, CIVAS (2013, The Netherlands).
attended different meditation and mindfulness courses during the last years.